The SafetySkills LMS allows companies to create and upload custom content, but unfortunately cannot troubleshoot custom content that was created outside of our content team. As this is the case, we have outlined a list of recommended settings when using iSpring to create your custom content from a PowerPoint.

To create a custom course from a PowerPoint, begin by going to Quick Start and selecting “Browse.” From here, you can import the PowerPoint of your choice.

For a custom course without a quiz, this is all you need to enable.

For a custom course with quiz questions, please select the last frame of your PowerPoint. Then, in the iSpring Suite menu, choose “Quiz,” then “Create New,” and “Graded Question.” From here, you may choose the question format. Be sure to mark “Correct” for the appropriate answer.

To set the passing percentage, go to the Home tab and select “Properties.” Then, select “Main.” For a pass/fail quiz, select the Passing Score to be 100%.  For a scored quiz, select the Passing Score as whatever percentage you determine to be passing. Under “Attempts,” select “Unlimited.”

Click “OK” to save your changes.

Before completing the course, we recommend previewing your course first. To do this, please select “Preview” from the Home toolbar.

To complete the course, navigate to the “Publish” menu. Then, select “LMS” from the options and check “Zip Output.” Then, you may title the course as necessary and click “Publish.”

Once the course files have been zipped successfully, they are ready to be uploaded into your account. For instructions on how to upload this course into your account, please click here.

If you have questions, please contact SafetySkills Customer Care by emailing, submitting a ticket through the red “Support and Feedback” tab of the LMS, or by calling (405) 463-6656, option 2.