We have the experience, resources and, most importantly, the commitment to ensure that your project is completed on-time, on-target and on-budget.

Our experience in designing, developing and deploying targeted, need-specific training programs covers more than 20 years and over 700 projects. We’ve learned a lot over the years: we have developed proven technologies, build methodologies, and deployment strategies. We leverage these innovations to ensure that our client’s projects are a success no matter how large or complex.

Our interdisciplinary client services teams are staffed according to your project requirements, and can include any combination of our skilled subject matter experts, instructional systems designers, digital designers, software engineers and IT professionals–all with the experience to work with you at any and all phases of the process.

Over the last decade, our development teams have produced hundreds of hours in high-complexity computer-based, and online learning content designed to meet our customer’s requirements. Customers will choose to integrate custom training content with their SafetySkills® solutions, or choose to have a course built from the ground-up. In either case our instructional systems designers work with you to determine competency requirements, identify key learning objectives, and develop premium course content to achieve those objectives. Then our content developers will create your learning content, rich in visually stimulating graphics, dynamic Flash™ or HTML5 animations, high definition video and professionally produced audio narration.

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