There are several situations that could result in the custom courseware needing updates/patching/adjustments. These are a few such scenarios and how a client would be charged/not charged for services rendered:

  • Browser/operating system updates – SafetySkills warrants against defect that the custom courseware will function properly in the designated operating/system(s) and
  • Web browser(s) environment(s) identified in the project scope at the time of product delivery.

It is possible that changes in the user environment, such as: web browser and/or operating system updates; changes in Amazon’s network configuration; added firewalls or security software (not present at the time of delivery) or other unforeseen, or unanticipated changes in the technological environment may interfere with future courseware functionality. Therefore, SafetySkills cannot guarantee that the courseware described in this contract will function as designed in future OS/browser environments in perpetuity. If such an event occurs, SafetySkills will provide – at the client’s request – a not-to-exceed, time and materials quote for work required to bring the courseware back to the desired state of functionality.

Functionality problems caused by SafetySkills code – To be clear, SafetySkills extensively tests and retests each and every piece of courseware that it produces for satisfactory functionality before delivering it for client use. However, being that courseware creation is a complex undertaking, it is theoretically possible that some minor issues may arise after delivery. In these instances, SafetySkills will perform the work required to rectify the situation with no charge to the client. Furthermore, we will make the fix top priority, and have either solved the issue or provided a reasonable explanation and timeline for repair within five business days.

Inaccurate/insufficient content – SafetySkills’ instructional systems design and software development processes ensure that the courseware content is accurate from a factual, regulatory and legal standpoint. Several rounds of client review also ensure that the courseware is relevant to Amazon’s policies and procedures. However, in the event that the courseware reaches the delivery phase containing factual errors, we must determine whether the information in question could have reasonably been anticipated to be inappropriate by SafetySkills during the development process. If it is regarding obvious legal or regulatory information, or Amazon-specific information that was clearly provided during the development process, then SafetySkills will rectify the issue with no charge to Amazon. If, however, it is found to be client-specific information that was not provided during the development process, SafetySkills will provide a not-to-exceed, time and materials quote for work required to bring the courseware to the desired state.

General content changes – The SafetySkills courseware development process – in partnership with the client representative and team – is designed to identify all critical learning objectives to be addressed within the courseware and to address those learning objectives in a comprehensive (though concise) manner. This material is generally addressed during the storyboarding phase, with great care being taken to address all desired outcomes before courseware production begins. However, being that client teams may be dynamic over time and the focus of the courseware may shift, there may be situations in which it is desirable for course content to change and/or be adjusted. In these instances, a project change order will be utilized to determine the scope of the requested change, and provide the Client with a not-to-exceed, time and materials estimate to perform the requested work. It should be noted that this may apply to significant content changes requested during any project phase after the storyboard has been completed and approved by the client team.

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