In addition to a partnership with the University of South Florida to offer OSHA regulated 10- and 30-hour courses, SafetySkills has developed its own unregulated OSHA 10-hour course. While the SafetySkills version of the course will cover the same material, it is considered an “unregulated” program. For more information on what regulated versus unregulated OSHA courses mean, please review our article here.

To assign a SafetySkills unregulated OSHA 10-hour course

Unlike the regulated OSHA courses, the SafetySkills unregulated OSHA 10-hour course is included in your account purchase and comes at no additional cost. The course can be assigned from the Courses page of the system, by searching “OSHA.”

Because this course is already included in your account, you do have the ability to assign it through Automatic Assigning, or by creating a one-time manual assignment.

To Take a SafetySkills unregulated OSHA 10-hour Course

If you have been enrolled in a SafetySkills OSHA 10-hour course, it will display on your My Training tab just as any other course would. To launch, please click the blue name of the course.

Once you have launched the course, you will be presented with this screen, allowing you to choose to read the instructions before advancing into the Mandatory Courses section.

The SafetySkills OSHA 10-hour course has two sections: mandatory courses, and elective courses. When you start, only the “Mandatory Courses” button is enabled. By clicking this button, you enter the mandatory course menu.

At first, only the “Introduction to OSHA” course is available. When you complete this course, the “Introduction to OSHA” button will turn red and display the word “complete.” Completing courses unlocks other course buttons. As you complete more courses, each button will turn red and display the “complete” message.

You must complete the Mandatory course section before the Electives section will unlock. Once the Electives section is unlocked, you must complete two hours’ worth of core elective courses in order to unlock the optional electives. Once three hours of electives have been completed, the “Complete Course” button will unlock, allowing you to complete your OSHA 10-hour course.

At any time during this course you can exit the course, just as you would for any other SafetySkills course, and your progress will be saved. You can resume the course at any time to continue to take the training until 10 hours of course content has been reviewed and passed. Please note, this course may take you more than 10 hours to complete. The 10 hour requirement is that the total run time of the course content equals 10 hours, not that the you spend 10 hours in the course. 

After the “Complete Course” button is unlocked you may still take additional elective courses if you wish. When you are done, click the “Complete Course” button to end your course.

Please note: Completion of the SafetySkills 10-hour OSHA course does not generate a DOL, Department of Labor, certification card. It does, however, generate a SafetySkills certification of completion.