For learners to be enrolled in a session, the session must first be created, along with any offline course associations. Learners must be assigned the course to display in a session. If you have not yet created a session for your learners, please go here for instructions. 

 If your learners are assigned the course and still not displaying in the session, it is most likely that the activation date of the course and the activation date of the session are off. If the activation date for the course is listed after the activation date of the session, the course is not yet activated for your learners, meaning they cannot populate in the session grid.

The activation date for your course can be checked by going to the Edit Assignments tab, and locating the assignment. You may do this by using the available filter options, or by searching by course or user name.

If the course is scheduled in the future, and your session is active now, your learners will not populate in the session until after the course’s activation date has passed. If your course is an automatic assignment, please note that you will need to create a new session for each time the course reoccurs.