What is Training Record Integration?

Training Record Integration with SafetySkills allows for training records completed in the SafetySkills LMS to be transferred and stored in another system. This feature allows clients to have all of their employee information in one place for simple, efficient and full-picture reporting.

How it Works

The SafetySkills system is now an open API system that will require an active user’s login and password to access the reporting API end point. The client’s application will have secure access to all training data from this endpoint.

What’s changed?

There are two changes that will need to be addressed by the client to keep their Training Record Integration up and running.

  1. The Owner generated secret key will no longer be required to access the training record end point. Now that SafetySkills is an “open API” system only a login and password are required to generate the bearer token to securely access the training data. This means that any profile in the account can access the assignments endpoint, however the data that can be accessed will match what that user type of the profile has access to when they log into the LMS.
    • Please note for clients that also utilize SSO and LDAP the login and password used must be save in the SafetySkills database.
  2. The account URL will be updated from .inclassnow.com to .mysafetyskills.com during the upgrade process. This change will require the clients calls for the token, assignments endpoint and data requests to be updated to the new account URL.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with migrating your Training Record Integration to your Engage account please contact our Help Desk at support@safetyskills.com or calling 405-463-6656. You can also review our full help article about the Training Record Integration feature for Engage here: How to Configure Training Record Integrating for SafetySkills Engage