You will need to set up at least one establishment in your SafetySkills Empower account to utilize many of its features. An establishment is generally a main office location or facility or other permanent dedicated business unit. You may add additional establishments at any time.

It is quite possible for a company or organization to have more than one establishment, but see the guidance for Worksite so you can decide which is the appropriate designation. The term ‘Establishment’ is a recognized OSHA term. OSHA safety recording and reporting is done by establishment.

To add a new Establishment, follow these steps:

  • Select “Establishments” from the “Settings” Menu item on the left

  • Click Create New Establishment

  • Enter the Establishment Name, Address and NAICS code most commonly associated with this establishment.
    • If you don’t know the NAICS code you need to use, you can click on the link for “NAICS” and search that website for the code you need. You can either browse and search the list or enter a keyword.
  • Click Create and the establishment record will be generated and appear in the Active Establishments tab.