Certain network configurations may benefit from whitelisting the specific information below to prevent issues with accessing the SafetySkills LMS, SafetySkills course content and SafetySkills emails.

  • SafetySkills Domains:
    • *.inclassnow.com
    • *.safetyskills.com
  • SafetySkills Course Content:
    • cdn.safetyskills.com
    • safetyskills-lms.azureedge.net
  • SafetySkills Email:
    • system@safetyskills.com – All LMS generated emails
    • support@safetyskills.com – Support and help desk emails
    • *.safetyskills.com – Whitelisting our domain (above) will ensure that your organization receives email from any individual associated with SafetySkills

If you have any questions on how to whitelist the information above for your company, please contact your internal IT department for assistance.