Certain network configurations may benefit from whitelisting specific information below to prevent issues with accessing the SafetySkills LMS, SafetySkills course content and SafetySkills emails.

For clients using the SafetySkills LMS, the following domains should allow access to the LMS, course content and support:

  • LMS Domains:
    • *.inclassnow.com
    • *.mysafetyskills.com
    • *.safetyskills.com
    • analytics.churnzero.net
  • LMS fully qualified domain names (FQDN):
    • inclassnow.com (root domain)
    • .mysafetyskills.com (root domain)
    • <account>.inclassnow.com
    • <account>.mysafetyskills.com
    • <account>.incidentreportnow.com
    • cdn.safetyskills.com
    • legacy.safetyskills.com
    • analytics.churnzero.net
  • Support pages:
    • help.safetyskills.com
    • status.safetyskills.com

Please note, the account-specific part of the FQDN for your account can be found on any page of the account such as the login page.

For SafetySkills course licensing clients, please whitelist the following domains:

  • Course Licensing domains:
    • scorm.safetyskills.com
    • cdn.safetyskills.com
  • Support pages:
    • help.safetyskills.com
    • status.hsiplatform.com

To ensure delivery of emails from SafetySkills, please review the following information:

Whitelisting our domains (safetyskills.com and hsi.com) will help to ensure that your organization receives email from any individual associated with SafetySkills.

If your IT team is looking for IP addresses to whitelist for email access, the following information should be shared with them.

The SafetySkills Learning Management System emails are sent through Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). As such, the IP addresses used to send emails are set and changed by Amazon SES. SafetySkills suggests to use SPF, Sender Policy Framework, records to confirm who we have allowed to send emails as safetyskills.com and the DKIM, DomainKeys Identified Mail, authentication processes to confirm that the email was sent and “signed” by SafetySkills.

At this time, SafetySkills does not have dedicated IP addresses via Amazon SES. We are currently using “shared IP addresses” meaning that Amazon SES sends our email from a range of IP addresses that are shared with other Amazon SES customers. The IP addresses used by Amazon SES can be changed at any time with or without notice.

To find the IP addresses being used at any given time you can use a site like https://tools.sparkpost.com/spf/inspector to search safetyskills.com and gather the ranges of IP addresses in use at that time. Your organization may have a different trusted site or service that can be used to look up the IP addresses. If an IP address range is added or removed from Amazon SES, and this change affects your organization’s ability to receive emails from SafetySkills, your organization will need to identify and address the changes as they occur.

If you have any questions on how to whitelist the information above for your company, please contact your internal IT department for assistance.