New Features!

Custom Active Course Library

This update will allow administrators to determine which courses are “Active” in their account, saving them the trouble of having to sort through the entire SafetySkills library every time they assign training. This will also cut down on confusion in instances where multiple versions of a course may be available, but only certain versions are needed by a company. Additionally, if an account has multiple administrators from different facets of the company assigning training, this can help to ensure they are assigning only what is approved and appropriate for their users.

Customizable Login Page Image

This update will allow administrators to upload a custom image to the login screen, rather than only being able to choose from a list of pre-populated images in the SafetySkills system. This will help to provide a truly customized, branded aesthetic.

Helpful Changes!

Additional Language Print Tests Not Appearing in Toolbox Sessions

This update allows for the new additional languages that we add to our courses to be shown as print test options for Toolbox Sessions. This ensures that all available language versions of the print test and answer keys for the specific course are available in this feature.

Update Toolbox Sessions Print Tests Format

This update has adjusted the font size on the Toolbox Sessions Print Tests to allow them to print more questions per page by default.

Add Email Notification when CAPA Responsible Party Changes

This update has added the ability that when the Responsible Party on a CAPA is changed to a different user, upon clicking save it will trigger an email to be sent to the new Responsible Party as long as they have their email preferences set up to receive this.

Update User API Endpoint to Allow User Deactivation

This update allows a client utilizing the open API for user provisioning/management to create, update, and deactivate users through one call to the API endpoint. This will allow for clients to fully manage their active users in the system via the API. Please reference the API documentation for technical details for this endpoint.

It’s Fixed!

Move Session Time into Total Time

This item resolved the issue when Session Time was not always rolling over into Total Time. The cause for this is largely related to changes in internet browsers and on mobile devices. Session Time tracks how long the use interacts with a course in a single sitting, and this is rolled over in Total Time every time the user closes the course. The Total Time then shows the administrators how long the user spent on the assignment. To alleviate issues, SafetySkills has been updating training records manually as a short-term solution. This update is a long-term fix that should prevent these issues moving forward. Please be sure to re-generate your reports for Total Time to ensure accurate data if needed.

Custom Field Value Doesn’t Save if Forward Slash “/” is Present

This item resolved the issue where a forward slash “/” was not allowed to be present in a custom field value. A forward slash “/” is now a valid character and a custom field value can be saved with this character present.

Monthly Summary Emails Not Sending for Account Level Notifications

This item resolved the issue where Summary emails were not being sent out to users if the Account Level Notifications were set to “Monthly” and Account Override was set to the option “No”. We have resolved this issue and users should now receive their summary email on a monthly basis.

Incident Case’s Injury Details Not Displaying Archived Users Names

This item resolved the issue of the Injured User’s name not appearing on an incident case if the user had been deactivated in the account. Archived users’ names will now display in the incident case if they were listed as the injured party.

Selections Created in One Toolbox Session are Carried to Another Session’s “Users That Have Not Attended” Grid

This item resolved the issue for Toolbox Sessions that the “Users That Have Not Attended” grid is carrying over unused selections from session to session. We have updated this functionality to clear selections from that grid view when you leave that specific Toolbox Session.

Unable to Reactivate Users on Mobile Browser

This item resolved the issue of being unable to reactivate an archived user when accessing the system through a mobile browser

Archiving a New Incident Report Does Not Remove the Report from the Action Items List on Dashboards

This item resolved the issue of the New Incident Report action item not disappearing when an Incident Report was Archived. Taking the action of archiving an Incident Report will now remove this action item from the Action Items List on the Summary Dashboard.

.CSV Export Report Date Discrepancy

This item resolved the issue where dates were sometimes being altered by a browser conversion when the records were exported as a .csv file from the Edit Assignments page and user’s Assignment History grid.  This issue was sometimes occurring based on the individual’s browser/location causing the dates on the exported file to show a different date than the LMS.  This update will prevent a browser from completing conversions for dates when downloading the .csv export from these grids.

Unable to Complete an A&I CAPA that is Assigned to Another User

This resolved the issue of not being able to complete an A&I CAPA that was assigned to a different user besides yourself, if you have the permission to Modify All CAPAs.

Unable to Add Custom Content

This resolved the issue that when a user who had the permission to Modify Custom Courses and the pre-requisites for that permission, but did not have permission to View Attachments, when attempting to create a course they were logged out.

Administrators with Only Managed Groups Unable to Edit Managed Users’ Profiles

This resolved issue where the users with the permissions Can View Managed Users and Can Modify Users, but could not Modify All Users, were not able to edit their managed users’ profiles.