SafetySkills is often updating their LMS and courses to ensure you have the best e-learning experience possible. Sometimes that means you are accessing the course or LMS when the update occurs, which can present errors. Usually, clearing your browser cache can resolve this issue.

While there are several ways to clear your cache, we have chosen the easiest for both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to show you. Please note that you cannot clear your cache while accessing the course.

If you have Internet Explorer version 10 or 11, begin by clicking the “Settings” button in your browser. This is located in the far right corner of the screen, beneath the buttons to exit and minimize your browser, and looks like a gear. When the new menu appears, scroll down and click “Safety.” Then, you will scroll over and click “Delete browsing history.”

When you click “Delete browsing history,” a pop-up will appear allowing you to select what is cleared. For our purposes, you only need to select “Temporary Internet files and website files,” and “Cookies and website data,”. When you have made your selection, click “Delete”.

When your browser has successfully cleared your cache, a notification will appear at the bottom of your screen. Now, your cache has been cleared and you should be able to access the course normally.

For Google Chrome, you will need to click on the “Customize and Control” button. This is located on the far right of your browser, beneath the minimize and exit buttons, and looks like three horizontal lines. This will open a new menu, where you will need to select “More Tools” and then “Clear browsing data.”

Clicking “Clear browsing data” will take you to the settings page of Chrome and a pop-up will appear asking you to select what to clear. For our purposes, you will need to select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.” Once you have made your selection, click “Clear data.”

Once your cache has been successfully cleared, the page will refresh back to the Google Chrome settings page. You should now be able to access the course.

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