Worksites are connected to establishments. A worksite is generally a temporary work location. It could be a construction site, customer location, drill site, field survey area, external classroom or something else. If it’s a place where work is performed, but would not normally be considered a main corporate office or permanent satellite facility, it’s probably a worksite. An establishment can have many worksites, but a worksite can only be associated with one establishment.

  • Select Worksites from Settings in the main menu.
  • Click Create New Worksite.
  • Enter your worksite name.
    • This can be named in any way that suits your organization’s needs, but it must always be associated with an establishment.
  • After adding the name, select the associated establishment from the drop-down menu.
    • You must always add your establishments before adding worksites into Empower.
    • A worksite must be added to an already created establishment.
  • Click Create