Add New Job Activity

Before a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) can be created, you will need to identify the job activities for which a JHA may need to be generated.

  • Select Job Activities from the Settings menu
  • Click Create New Job Activity.
  • Enter the job activity name and click Create

Where possible, have the job activity name match activities named and used in existing company operations.

View/Edit New Job Activity

Job activities are not associated with establishments or worksites, so the same activity may be used many times to create multiple JHAs across different worksites.

  • Select Job Activities from the Settings menu, and you will see all active job listed in the Active tab.
  • Click on the Job Activity Name of the of the job activity you wish to view.
  • Once the Additional Details page is open, user may select the option to Archive or Delete from the ‘Select An Action’ menu. The Job Activity name may be edited here and saved.
  • Archived job activities may be viewed by switching from the Active to Archived tab