Audits & Inspections Have Arrived!

The Audit & Inspection (A&I) process is an essential part of running an effective safety management system, and a key component of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. We are so excited to offer these features to our clients!

Custom A&I Templates

The template is the starting point for building your audit or inspection checklists. Templates are fully customizable and can be as granular or as high-level as you need for your specific organization. With options available to add custom fields, require a CAPA if the inspection item fails, or require supplemental information like attachments and comments,  the template builder ensures you will get all the information you need and nothing you don’t from your audits and inspections!

Over 50 Template Guides

We have created over fifty sample inspection checklists to provide insight on what you may need depending on your industry. These templates are available at any time upon request from your Training Success Manager!

User-Friendly Forms

Users with the necessary permissions will have the option to create Audit and/or Inspection forms from your approved Templates. The forms will pull in all of the customized data from your templates and allow the auditor or inspector to respond with the compliance status for each item listed, or register as N/A if appropriate. If any item does not meet compliance, a CAPA may be added directly to that item by the inspector. Once completed, every Form will produce a score so your administration team can easily monitor progress! Empower allows full retention of completed forms as retrievable records in perpetuity.

Custom Field Enhancements

The “Custom User Fields” menu item has been updated to “Custom Fields.” This has been modified because you now have the option to create fields exclusively for your A&I templates, rather than only for organizing user data.

Active/Archived Custom Fields and Field Values

You now have the ability to archive custom fields and/or custom field values within your account! Previously, the system only offered the ability to delete custom fields and/or custom field values entirely, which came with some red tape before the action could be completed successfully. We understand your business is constantly changing and you need the ability to modify data quickly and easily to ensure your system metrics and organization is as accurate as possible. The maximum number of active Custom Fields remains at 18.