OSHA does not approve, certify, or endorse individual trainers or training programs, nor do they keep a list of training providers. It is ultimately the responsibility of the employer whose workers are to be trained, to determine if the training provider meets the OSHA requirements and qualifications.

SafetySkills provides courses that are compliant with OSHA standards and regulations. Every SafetySkills course is created in-house with the assistance of our Technical Advisory Board. Each member of the board is a Subject Matter Expert in his/her own respective area. Along with the help of our Technical Advisory Board, we also closely follow OSHA guidelines and regulations to ensure all of our courses are 100% OSHA compliant and hold up in court.

Again, other than the OSHA Outreach program where trainers/companies are authorized to deliver a standard OSHA curriculum (OSHA 10, etc), OSHA does not certify training. However, SafetySkills warrants that its training courses are compliant with the relevant OSHA, EPA, and DOT standards.

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