The SafetySkills LMS currently offers 6 unique user types to help your company customize their experience. This walk-through will cover all possible permissions for each learner type, regardless of account type. Some features discussed may not be available for your account type. For questions regarding your account type, please contact Customer Care by calling 405-463-6656, option 2 or by submitting a ticket via the red “Support & Feedback” tab in the LMS.


The Account Owner

There can only be one listed account owner. The Account Owner has the highest permission level in the account, and can see all available features, assign group and administrator privileges, and can upload company-specific information to courses and sessions. They are able to add, view, and edit any learner within the account, including activating and deactivating users as needed.


The account Owner has the ability to set up automatic assignments by accessing the Configure tab. They are also able to access bank information, the company logo, and account settings through the Configure tab. Account ownership can only be changed or assigned by SafetySkills Customer Care.

The Super Administrator

The Super Administrator has the highest permissions level, aside from the account Owner, and can see almost everything in the account. Unlike other Administrator types, the Super Administrator is not limited to which groups or learners they can see: they have the ability to view and edit all learners within an account.

Because the Super Administrator is not limited, they also have the ability to assign courses and run reports for all users in the account. They are able to add new users individually or in multiples by using the menu in the Configure tab.


Like the owner, Super Administrators are also able to see, add, and edit the users, courses, sessions, attachments, groups and custom fields within an account. This includes being able to process user password resets and activating or deactivating users.

The Advanced Administrator

Unlike the Super Administrator, the Advanced Administrator is limited to the group(s) they were assigned to when they were created. They will only be able to view, assign courses, and run reports for those groups.

Because the Advanced Administrator type is limited to certain group(s), their abilities are also limited. They may add a user, but only individually, by accessing the Configure tab. When they create a new user, they will also be asked to confirm that they understand they may create a user that will be placed into a group they do not have the ability to view. They are able to process password resets and reactivate or deactivate users, but only for users in groups the Advanced Administrator has access to.

While Advanced Administrators are able to view the Groups tab to export group settings, they will be unable to make any changes. Likewise, they may view the Automatic Assignment settings for the groups they have permissions for, but will be unable to change any of the assignment settings.

They cannot alter any courses, attachments, or sessions they did not create. The account Owner or any Super Administrator can create an Advanced Administrator.

The Administrator

The Administrator is limited by the group(s) assigned to them when they were created, like the Advanced Administrator. They will only be able to view, assign courses, and run reports for the groups they have been assigned.

Unlike the Super Administrator and Advanced Administrator, however, the Administrator does not have access to the Configure tab. This means they cannot add users or see group settings, automatic assignment settings, or attachments within the account. They cannot activate or deactivate users within their groups, but they are able to process password resets for learners in groups the Administrator has access to.

The account Owner or any Super Administrator or Advanced Administrator can create an  Administrator.

The Report Administrator

The most limited administrator type is the Report Administrator. The Report Administrator is limited to the group(s) they were assigned when created, and can only view the reports for those group(s).

Report Administrators do not have the ability to view which learners are in the groups, the course catalog, or any available sessions or attachments. They cannot view, add, or edit any learners, group settings, assignments, attachments, or sessions within the account. This means they cannot reset passwords or activate or deactivate users.

The account Owner or any Super or Advanced Administrator can create a Report Administrator.

The Learner

The learner is the most basic user type. They only have access to their My Training tab, and cannot access any other settings within the LMS. Learners may be created by the Account Owner or Super or Advanced Administrators.


All user types are able to be assigned training, and can access that training through the “My Training” tab. All user types also have the ability to contact Customer Care by submitting a ticket through the red “Support and Feedback” tab in the lower left corner of the LMS.