SafetySkills offers its learners continuing education units, or CEUs, for completing a sufficient number of courseware titles. CEU values are displayed on course certificates upon course completion.

What is a CEU?

Many professional certifications require continuing education. Nurses, engineers, teachers, project management professionals, and many others must meet certain continuing education criteria to maintain certification. These continuing education requirements are most often recorded in the form of continuing education units, or CEUs.

Who Certifies CEUs?

Technically speaking, anyone can issue a CEU. There is no governing board, association or other body that regulates or “polices” CEU issuance. However, professional organizations that require CEUs will typically issue guidance on what types of CEUs or which providers their members may use to meet their continuing education requirements.

Will SafetySkills’ CEUs Work for Me?

SafetySkills has met the training development criteria set forth in the ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard for Continuing Education and Training standard. This document contains specific requirements for training development, including formal training development methodologies, learner support, training maintenance, assessment of learning outcomes, and many other measures of training success.

SafetySkills’ participation in this program simply means that when we issue CEUs, our learners can be confident that our training development process was rigorous, formal, and comprehensive.

Calculating CEUs

Under the IACET system, .5 to 1 hour of training awards a learner .1 CEUs. So, 10 SafetySkills training courses would entitle the learner to one full CEU.

How Can I Use SafetySkills CEUs?

This is entirely dependent on the professional organization, employer or other entity that requires a learner to document continuing education units. SafetySkills cannot guarantee that its CEUs will meet an individual learner’s continuing education obligations. If you are not sure if SafetySkills CEUs will fulfill your continuing education requirements, check with your supervisor, professional organization representative, or your organization’s written guidelines. However, if SafetySkills CEUs are accepted by your professional organization or employer, your SafetySkills course certificates should be sufficient documentation of your successful completion of learning material. All CEU values are displayed with the IACET and SafetySkills logos.