At SafetySkills, we understand that your company is unique. You may have company-specific documents you need to ensure your learners view, or you may want to create a course to cover a company-specific topic. We can offer a few different solutions for creating custom content for your account, depending on your needs.

For company documents that you only need to ensure your employees have reviewed, you may want to consider creating a course from an attachment. Again, this will not provide any quiz questions, but it does require your learner to e-sign to verify that they have reviewed the document.

For more instructions on creating a course from an attachment, please click here

If the course you are needing requires the users to complete a quiz and operate like our SafetySkills courses do, you have 2 options:

  1. SafetySkills can make the course for you.
    • If you choose to go this route, you’ll be assigned a project manager and work directly with him/her to compile a storyboard and follow the course creation from brainstorming to completion.
    • For more information on having SafetySkills create your custom content, please call your SafetySkills Sales Executive directly, or dial 405-463-6656 and press option 1.
  2. You may create the course yourself using authoring software from a third party.
    • Please note: if you create the course yourself, SafetySkills will not be able to troubleshoot any issues you experience with the course.
    • However, we have compiled several guides for authoring tool settings that have been confirmed to work with the SafetySkills LMS.

SafetySkills does not partner with any authoring tools, but we have selected three of the most common authoring tools and outlined recommended settings for each. Please click below for a detailed guide to creating custom content separated by platform and medium.

If you have any questions regarding authoring tool pricing or overall functionality, please contact the authoring tool provider directly.

If you have followed our guides linked above for either attachment courses or authoring software and are experiencing issues with the course functionality on the SafetySkills LMS, please contact SafetySkills Customer Care by emailing or by submitting a ticket through the red “Support and Feedback” button in the lower left corner of your LMS account.