New Features Have Arrived!

Ability to trigger the Summary Email when creating a manual assignment

This feature has added a checkbox to the final confirmation page when performing a manual assignment that allows the administrator to send a summary email to the selected users when the assignment is made.

Ability to export list of emails in the blacklist

This feature allows administrators to export all users who have an email address in the blacklist list to a .csv file so that they can be easily reviewed.

Helpful Changes!

Update Incident Case Review Page Design

This update allows for a more user-friendly view when accessing the review page in an Incident Case.

Mobile Style for OSHA 300A Edit page

This update allows for a more user-friendly mobile view when accessing the OSHA 300A Edit page.

It’s Fixed!

Custom Group sub-filter error

This item will resolve an issue with adding sub-filters in the User Groups page within Settings.

Upper-case letters in email address

This item will resolve the issue of not being able to include capital letters in an email address when creating a new user on the Add Single User page.

Incident Case – Root Cause Step 2 is Cleared Out When You Edit Significant Factor in Root Cause Step 1

This item will resolve the issue of Root Cause 2 information being deleted when reverting to make revisions to Root Cause 1 information when performing an incident investigation.

User Profile – Assignment history – search error

This item will resolve the error that appears when trying to search for information within the Assignment History tab of a user’s profile.