SafetySkills is committed to providing accurate, quality content. Our courses undergo a vigorous quality control process before they are launched for the first time. Just because a course is finished, however, does not mean that our job is done. Federal and state regulations and industry best practices change frequently, and when they do, we are ready to respond. The SafetySkills Instructional Design team keeps an eye on changes to federal regulations and industry best practices that might affect our existing courses in a variety of ways.

First, our team subscribes to the Federal Register. This notifies us about upcoming changes to OSHA, DOT and EPA regulations. The team also subscribes to the California Regulatory Notice Register and the Canada Gazette, which provide information about changes to California state law and Canadian federal law, respectively. Those changes are generally a slow process and we get plenty of notification when changes are coming and what they will entail, so we can stay ahead of them. But, the changes are also often challenged in court or implementation is delayed for one reason or another, so sometimes we have to make a judgement call about whether we will update the course right away, or wait to see how things shake out first.

We also subscribe to notifications for changes to the NFPA, ANSI and ISO standards. Some of these are incorporated by reference into federal regulations (and so have the force of law), while others are voluntary but considered best practice. We do have to purchase those documents when updates are published in order to see the changes, so we don’t generally get any sort of advanced notice, but we endeavor to purchase and review them as soon as they come out.

Further, we subscribe to several industry publications and blogs, which help us know how the industry is interpreting and responding to regulatory changes, and alert us to changes in recommended best practices.

Finally, any time our Sales or Customer Support teams receive a question or concern about a regulation change or a possible inaccuracy in a course, they pass those comments on to our Instructional Systems Design team, who then research the question to ensure our courses are up to date and accurate.