Our SafetySkills Direct plan works on a per credit basis and you only pay for the credits you need, when you need them. To view more information about this plan, please go to safetyskills.com/plans-and-pricing.

This Direct plan features our Learning Management System. The LMS allows you to add learners, assign courses and track all of your learners training progress. Your Direct account is housed on the LMS and you create your own URL that only you and your learners will have access to. When you add learners you will create their logins to the LMS and that is where they will take their training.

To check out our Learning Management System, you can create a Direct account for free. You will only be charged when you assign a course. To create an account, please go to safetyskills.com/pricing/sign-up-for-direct.

If you want to test how to assign a course, we offer one free course every month. You can assign that course to yourself and see how our courses will look, print a certificate for yourself and see what kind of reports you can generate. To find out which course is free, please go to safetyskills.com/free-online-safety-training. You can also add a test learner and login in with their credentials to see what the learner has access to compared to what you have access to on the LMS.