Whether you assigned the wrong course, or simply need to alter the dates of one, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead of deleting and re-assigning each course manually, our Edit Assignments feature allows you to do this action for all your users at once. Some administrators can only view the setting for assignments, while others will be able to modify the assignments. For more information about user types and permissions please review this article: User Claims Explained – SafetySkills Engage.

To begin, go to the Learning Management section of the main menu, then click on the “Edit Assignments” option. On this screen, you should see drop-down selections for “Filter Options” and “Assignment Actions,” as well as a table at the bottom of the screen. This table contains all assignments that have not yet been completed, for all users you have access to see, and can be filtered using the column headers.

If there is a specific group you need to edit an assignment for, use the “Filter Options” drop-down to select the group.

Or, if it is more specific, you can use the filtering option in the table to narrow it down by a single course, or by specific users using their names or login information.

Use the check box on the left side of the table to select which line you need to edit, or the check box at the top left of the table to select all information in that page.

Once you have selected the assignment data you need to edit, use the “Assignment Actions” drop-down box at the top right of the screen to choose the action you wish to do. You can choose from:

“Unassign” will unassign the selected assignments from the selected users
“Change Assignment Dates” will allow you to change the assignment dates associated with the selected assignment for the selected users

Please note: If the assignment is marked as “Auto Assigned,” that assignment cannot be unassigned from this page. For questions about how auto assign works, please review: How To Create Automatic Assignments – SafetySkills Engage

Once you have made your selection, hit “Submit.” A pop-up will appear, unique to the action selected, that will ask to confirm your choices. It will also detail how many “selections” have been made, so please ensure that number matches the check boxes you selected on the main Edit Assignments page.

Please note: if you have more than one assignment selected, the action will be completed for all the assignments in the batch. Please double-check that you are completing the action only for the selections you wish to edit. By clicking “Update” on the pop-up, the action will be completed for all selections, regardless if they are the same assignment or user or not. Once the assignment has been edited, the new information will appear in the data table below and you can continue to edit additional assignments.