Importing historical records is primarily done in the initial onboarding process. This is because the Auto-Assign feature will “read” previous completions to continue making assignments per the selected schedule. Importing historical records at any other point will not edit current assignments, even if the records of completion are uploaded. Importing historical records is intended to maintain an accurate list of records, and is not intended to replace sessions or other maintenance records.

To begin, please click on the Reports tab. On the upper left, please click on the “Training History Import/Report” link.

This will take you to a new page where you will enter the columns corresponding to the Excel spreadsheet of records you will upload. Please note: The spreadsheet must have the same columns that are entered into the system. You may enter new column names into the system via the “New Column” text box by first entering the column header and clicking the blue “Add” button.

This will populate the new column at the end of the row displayed below. You may now drag and drop the column header wherever it displays in your corresponding spreadsheet. The columns must align with the spreadsheet you are entering.

Once the display matches the spreadsheet, you may upload your spreadsheet into the system. On the right side of this page, under “Training History Data Upload,” use the “Choose File” button to select your spreadsheet from your saved files. Then, you may click the blue “Submit New Data” button. Only click this button once; each additional click will re-upload the file, potentially causing duplicates to be uploaded into the system.

Importing historical records may take a few moments. Once your records have been uploaded, they will populate in the columns below.