New Features Have Arrived!

Optional SSO/LDAP Login

Optional Single Sign-On allows SafetySkills users to have the option of logging in through SSO, or by entering their login credentials to access the SafetySkills LMS directly. This means that clients have the ability for users who are not in their SSO or LDAP systems (such as temporary employees, contractors, etc.) to still have access to their Learning Management System.

Helpful Changes!

Allow Owner to edit their email address

This feature will allow the Owner of an Engage or Empower account to update their email address in the LMS.

Add “Can View Reports” (can-view-assignments) as a prerequisite for Can Modify Assignments

This feature will include the user claim of “Can View Reports” as a prerequisite when creating custom user types with the claim “Can Modify Assignments.”

OSHA 300 Log – “Days Away” and “Days Transferred” must both display

This feature will allow the client to enter, and display, “Days Away” and “Days Transferred” in the OSHA 300 log (Columns K and L).

OSHA 300A – Allow entry of hours and number of employees for years 2010-2017

This feature will allow the client to enter historical data prior to 2018 to the OSHA 300A log.

It’s Fixed!

Optimize Edit Assignments Page

This item will resolve the slow loading issues on the Edit Assignments page.

Attachment/My Training Tab Bug

This feature will resolve the issue of an associated attachment appearing on a user’s My Training page.

Symbols in Login IDs in Engage/Empower

This feature will allow a user’s login ID to contain new special characters, such as “$”.

Filter OSHA 300 Log page by Establishment and Year

This feature will allow the client to successfully filter for an Establishment and a Year on the OSHA 300 Log page.