Update to the SafetySkills Learning Management System

Version 12.2 of the SafetySkills LMS was published on July 1, 2020. This update primarily focuses on changes to the “Sessions” feature, the save and print certificates process, and a few bug fixes.

How This Update Affects You…

For administrators with access to Sessions:

  • Updates to Sessions to improve end-user experience:
    • There is a new page layout for the Sessions page.
      • There are now 2 areas in the Session layout “Users That Have Not Attended” and “Attendances.”
      • This change is intended to make it easier to tell who, if anyone, has attended a Session and who is available to be marked as attended.
    • The group filter has been moved to the right hand side of the page.
      • The group filter will apply to both the “Users That Have Not Attended” as well as the “Attendances” sections of the page.
    • The “Attendances” section will list all who have been marked as attended regardless of their status (active or deactivated).
    • The “Attended On” date is in the default view for the “Attendances” section.

For administrators with access to Reports:

For administrators with access to “Reports” the optional field for “Estimated Duration” has been added.

This is the SafetySkills calculation of about how many minutes it could take to complete a SafetySkills course. The estimation is a combination of the total run time of the content with an estimation of how long it takes to answer each question, correctly, the first time the question is presented. Since all learners are different the “Estimated Duration” should not replace the learners “Total Time” on your reports. The “Total Time” is the amount of time it took your learner to complete an assignment.

  • How to update your saved reports:
    • If you have saved reports you would like to pull into the “Estimated Duration” column, here are the steps to do so:
      • Go to the “Reports” tab
      • Select your saved report from the drop-down
      • Click the “Upgrade Version” button
      • Adjust your columns as needed
      • Click “Save”
        • The rest of the setting of the report should not be affected!
    • The “Upgrade Version” option does reset the columns for the report, so you will need to make any adjustments to the columns before you click save.
    • “Upgrade Version” gives you access to all the new fields that have been added to the Report feature since the last time your report was saved.

For All Users:

There has been a change to the save and print certificates process. We have removed a back end PDF generating service and replaced it with the native “print” functionality of the web browser you are using. The green “Print or Save” option will use your web browser settings to print the certificate. It functions the same as using the “CTRL+P” function, or going to your browser settings and selecting the option to print the web page you are on.

It is our understanding that the newer version of most web browsers should allow you to print a document as a PDF with the default setting. After clicking “Print or Save” the browser should display a print preview, or the printer settings for your computer. You will need to follow the prompts to save the certificate to your computer.

We have noticed that if you see an option “Microsoft Print to PDF” you can save the certificate as a PDF. If you are using a company issued computer and you have any issues or questions please contact our IT department for assistance on how to save the document. If you are using a personal computer you will need to make any needed adjustments to save the document. Also, you may need to install additional software if you are trying to use older versions of a web browser that does not have the ability to save as a PDF built into the browser.

What Do You Need to Do?

Not a thing! If you have any additional questions about this update, please contact SafetySkills Customer Care by calling 405-463-6656, option 2, or by emailing support@safetyskills.com.