We believe it is not enough to demonstrate that an employee was provided training; but rather that they learned. Because of this, our courses contain a high-level of interactive complexity that does more than just engage the learner; these learner interactions can be tracked, allowing for the verification of a specified competency.

Because every motion and every click of the mouse can be tracked and recorded, our designer can create interactions that require the learner to actually demonstrate the given competency within the learning application. The learner doesn’t just pass a multiple-choice test, he or she actually performs a series of interactions that demonstrates proficiency in the task.

Verifying Competency

SafetySkills® courseware is competency-based. Each course provides two levels of testing: internal questions and competency assessments. The internal questions challenge a learner’s knowledge of a specific concept; if the learner answers the question incorrectly, the course provides remediation by taking the learner back to the specific frame containing the relevant subject matter. After reviewing the frame, the learner is given another opportunity to answer the internal question. The competency assessments work the same way, except that they are assessing whether the learner can demonstrate a specific competency. The remediation for the competency assessments requires the learner to review an entire section of the course, which is comprised of multiple frames. Learners are not permitted to advance through the course until they answer each question correctly.

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