The SafetySkills Automatic Assigning system manages training assignments based on what group(s) a user belongs to and what the specific parameters are for those group’s assignments. The Automatic Assigning feature allows administrators to be hands-off with what training is needed for which users and when. Each course assigned through the Automatic Assignment feature may have different requirements for different groups and users may exist in more than one group. This being the case, our Automatic Assigning feature is constantly updating users training requirements to align with the current settings.

Completion records will always remain in perpetuity for reporting purposes, but users current and upcoming training are always subject to change based on the Automatic Assignment settings. For this reason, SafetySkills uses the current or upcoming training due date as the “expiration” date for those assignments versus having an expiration date tied to the previous completion.

At any time, administrators can run a training report for assignments due within a period of time to find out who is overdue and who is due within a certain time period. Additionally, users can login at any time or select to be sent a scheduled summary email to review their current and upcoming training assignments and know what is needed now and what is needed in the future.