It isn’t always feasible for your learners to take training on their own, which is where session-training comes in. If you hold a safety meeting, or present an offline class, or even one of our classes in Group Mode, sessions enable you to track who attended the class. Marking learners as having attended the session will mark the corresponding course as complete, which allows you to run reports on it, as you would any other online course.

Before you create the session, please ensure that your learners are already enrolled in the course corresponding to the session. For information on how to create an offline course for training taken outside the system, please go here. For more information on presenting an online SafetySkills course to a group, please go here

To create a session, click on the “Sessions” tab at the top, and then click the blue “Add Session” button on the left.

This will populate a pop-up box where you can select the course you are creating sessions for, as well as the duration of the class and any additional information users might need.

  • Allow Self Enrollment: Allows the learners to see all available sessions and enroll themselves in the one they choose.
  • Allow Self Unenrollment: Allows the learners to see the session they have been enrolled in and unenroll themselves, if they choose.
  • Starts On: The date and time the training starts on. The time is configured with a sliding bar at the bottom of the calendar pop-up.
  • Ends On: The date and time the training ends on. The time is configured with a sliding bar at the bottom of the calendar pop-up.
  • Time Zone: The time zone that the training will take place in.
  • Session Name: Each session must have a unique name. We suggest using a naming convention that provides you with information about the session from a glance view. Information that may be beneficial to have in the name is the course topic, date, location, etc.
  • Total Training Hours: The total training hours you would like to track for the training. For instance, the class may be from 8:00am-5:00pm, but you may only have 4 hours of actual training hours in that time frame. So you would enter “04:00:00” into this field. The format MUST be hh:mm:ss.
  • Instructor Name: Name of the person or company leading the training, if applicable.
  • Additional Info: This should include information like “Building C, Room 30” or where you can enter instructions for your learners like “pack a lunch” or “Be sure to wear closed-toed shoes”.

Once you have all of the information entered, just click “Create” and you’ll see the new session in the information table on the “Sessions” tab.

If you have allowed for self-enrollment, you’ll just need to create the rest of the sessions. Your users will see the available sessions for the offline course and enroll themselves in their preferred session. If you have not allowed for self-enroll, you’ll need to click on the session to enroll your users.

Once you click on the session, you’ll be taken to this page:

To associate attachments to the Session, such as any documents you may cover or a copy of the sign-in sheet, you may do so in the box labeled Attachments.

If the document has already been uploaded, please click the blue “Associate” button. This will generate a drop-down of all the available attachments listed for your account.

If the document has not been uploaded,  please click the blue “Create & Associate” button. This will generate a menu allowing you to select the file or link you wish to upload and associate.

After clicking “Associate,” your attachment will populate within the Session and a green pop-up will appear in the upper right corner notifying you that the attachment was associated successfully:

To remove an associated attachment, click the red “X” button next to the attachment name. A green pop-up will then appear in the upper-right notifying you that the attachment has been removed.

In the information grid at the bottom of the session, any learners who have been enrolled in the course will populate. You can search through the users who have been assigned the course to find those you want to enroll.

To select them, just click the box on the left. Once you have selected the desired list of users, click the blue “Mark as Enrolled” button. Be careful not to click on the green “Mark as Attended” option on the right side, or the selected users will be marked as already having attended the class.

A pop-up will appear allowing you to confirm the enrollment status change. Be sure to verify the number of users selected is correct and select the email notifications you wish to send. Once that information is correct, click “Change Status”.

From the learner’s perspective, the training page with the online course associated with a session would look like this:

If they have any offline courses, they will not be able to select the title of the course like they would with an online course. However, they can click the details button to see the session information, as well as the course description and any associated attachments. Please note: If the session corresponds with an online course, the learner may take the course before the session date.

Clicking the “View Details” button on the My Training page will launch a pop-up detailing the time, duration, and dates of the session training. If you have allowed for self-unenrollment, they will also have the option to unenroll from the session at the bottom of this pop-up.

Once the session has been completed, you’ll need to come back to the session page to select the users who attended and click “Mark as Attended”.

This will launch a pop-up to confirm the number of people selected, their status, and the date they attended the training. The time they attended the training may be toggled by the slide bar at the bottom of the calendar.

Then, click the blue “Change status” button.

This will mark the course as complete for the users,and then they will show in reports as complete.This will also allow them to be able to print certificates for the completed course.

Please note: Any learner that attended the training must be marked “Attended” by an administrator in the system. Otherwise, their offline training will not be marked as complete and will not report in their completed training reports.

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