Update to the SafetySkills Learning Management System

Version 12.1 of the SafetySkills LMS was published on May 1, 2020. This update primarily focused on changes that should help to improve the use of the custom field data and how it interacts with group filters. The additional option, “Prevent new options from being added via multi-user upload” should help to alert our clients about new items in their select lists before the items are added. This alert will allow clients to add new select list items and update group filters when new data needs to be added to their LMS account.

For administrators with access to “Reports” the changes that were made to this feature should help to improve the functionality of the report data. The introductions of the “Total Seconds” field should improve calculation options in Excel and other programs.

How This Update Affects You…

For Super Administrators and Owners:

  • Updates to Custom Fields to improve end-user experience
    • Updates to the way custom fields function when importing user data using either “Add Multiple Users” or HR Integration. An option has been added for the multi-select and select list field types to “Prevent new options from being added via multi-user upload.” This setting will prevent new items from being added to a custom field without their knowledge. This can help to improve group filter functionality so new list items can be addressed before being added to the system. This update can also help to prevent misspelling and other data import issues.
    • This new feature will now be turned on for all existing custom fields, and will be the default setting for any new field created.
      • This feature can be disabled by editing the custom field
      • With this feature activated the LMS will generate a report to advise when a new item needs to be added to the field.
    • For more information on how to add a new item to a select list or to disable the new feature please click here: How To Configure Custom Fields/Attributes for Learners

For administrators with access to Reports:

  • Updates to Reports
    • A new optional field called, “Total Seconds” has been added to the reports feature.
    • This new field can be used to more easily calculate training time in Excel or other software. This option has been added to address the update to the “Total Time” field that changed the time format to allow for total hours greater than 24 hours (one calendar day). The “Total Seconds” is the “Total Time” converted.
    • If you have saved reports you would like to pull the “Total Seconds” into, here are the steps to do so:
      • Go to the “Reports” tab
      • Select your saved report from the drop-down
      • Click the “Upgrade Version” button
      • Adjust your columns as needed
      • Click “Save”
        • The rest of the setting of the report should not be affected!
    • The “Upgrade Version” option does have to reset the columns for the report so you will need to make any adjustment to the columns before you click save.
    • “Upgrade Version” is giving you access to all the new fields that have been added to the Report feature since the last time your report was saved.

For Learners:

  • There should be no affect on the Learners or their ability to access training.

What Do You Need to Do?

Not a thing! If you have any additional questions about this update, please contact SafetySkills Customer Care by calling 405-463-6656, option 2, or by emailing [email protected].