You may need to customize the fields describing your learners, so that you can build even more customized groups to help you and your co-workers more effectively manage your corporate online safety training program. You may enter things such as department, job title, location, or any other attribute you may need to better organize your users.

To begin, go to the “Configure” tab and click on “Custom Fields.” Enter what you would like your custom field to be called under “Label.” For example, you would enter “Department” if you were creating a field to enter each user’s department.

Next, select the type of field you want. You can either have a text field, which will allow you to type in anything you want, or create a select list, which will allow you to select an option from a drop-down list. You also have the option to choose a “Multiselect” field, for when multiple custom fields may apply to the same individual.

To create the options for the select list or multiselect option, enter the sub-field name in the “Item Name” space and click the blue “Add” button. For example, if we needed a Human Resources department and a Sales department, we would enter “Human Resources” and “Sales.” Once you have entered the item to the list click the blue “Save” below the gray box.

The field required check box should only be checked if you want to require this information be entered for each user.

If you have entered some information in the sub-field you wish to delete, select the item in the “Current Items” list and then click the red “Remove Selected Items” button. This will only remove the selected sub-item, and not the entire custom field.

Once you are finished editing the custom field how you would like for it to appear, click “Save.” This field will now populate on the left side of this screen, along with any other custom fields you enter.

To delete a custom field, click on the blue “Edit” link to the right of the custom field you wish to edit. Then, you may click the red “Delete Field” button in the header of the custom field. Please note that this custom field will not delete if a user currently has information associated with it in their profile. For example, if you have 500 employees that you’ve gone in and added information to, the information associated with this custom field would have to be removed first.

Each SafetySkills account is allowed 18 custom fields. If you run out of custom fields, you can edit or delete existing custom fields. Remember: if you change the name of a field you are only changing the title of the field, and all data that was entered for your learners in this field will stay the same.

Only a Super Administrator or Account Owner may edit any user’s information, including the information for the custom fields you have just added. An Advanced Administrator is able to edit the information for the users that they have been assigned to manage. To edit this, you may either input the information manually for each user by selecting the blue login of each user from the “Users” tab or you can download the “user template file” from the “Add Multiple Users” section of the “Configure” tab (as outlined here). If you choose to upload the user template file, be sure to check the box that says “Update User Information” to prevent errors from occurring.

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