Version 10.9 of the SafetySkills LMS is here! In it, the way attachments are associated has a visual change, and a new user type is available!

Publish Date: August 20th, 2017

Included in this update:

  • Ability to create new user type, the “Advanced Administrator”
  • Additional options for associating attachments to courses, sessions and users

To learn more about this update and how it affects you:

  1. Read below in the section entitled “How This Update Affects You…”
  2. Read our “Available User Types” article HERE
  3. Contact SafetySkills customer care at with any additional questions.

How This Update Affects You…

For Super Administrators and Owners:

  • Ability to create a new user type, the Advanced Administrator

    • The Advanced Administrator will be limited only to the group(s) you assign them to, but will be able to view, add, and edit users. The Advanced Administrator has access to view group and automatic assignment settings, but cannot alter them.
  • Additional options for associating attachments

    • Owners, Super Administrators and Advanced Administrators will now be able to associate attachments on the user, course and session pages. Owners and Super Administrators will still be able to associate attachments to users, courses and sessions from the main attachments page as well.

For Learners:

  • The learner experience will not change with this update

What Changed?

The LMS now offers a new user type: the Advanced Administrator. The Advanced Administrator is limited to the groups they are assigned, but have more access than both the administrator and report administrator types.

The Advanced Administrator:

  • Can create users, although the user may be sorted into a group they are not assigned to
  • Activate and deactivate users in their assigned groups
  • View, create, and edit assignments, sessions and reports for the groups they are assigned
  • Can view automatic assignment and group settings, but cannot edit them
  • Can upload attachments and associate them to the groups they are assigned


Additionally, the way attachments display within the LMS has been updated. The Attachments page of the Configure tab did not visually change. However, you are now able to see and associate attachments on each user profile and sessions page. Previously, you could only associate files by doing so from the Attachments page of the Configure tab.


What Do You Need to Do?

Not a thing! Unless you are interested in creating an Advanced Administrator for your account, nothing about this update will require or prompt a change to your account.


If you have any additional questions about this update, please contact SafetySkills Customer Care by calling 405-463-6656, option 2, or by emailing